"I have tried everything to bring life and luster back to my hair. This did it!"

- Rita B., Sudtana Hair Mask Oil Customer


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Great product for the hair,

Great product for the hair, wonderful blend of oils and knowing that it is vegan and cruelty free is the best. Completely natural ingredients make my hair feel soft and nourished.

Maria M.
Absolutely does wonders

Ok, I was honestly astounded by these products from their arrival, my husband taught I was putting perfume before bed. Their effects on my hair was also as wonderful as the smell it became more manageable and shinier from the first use. By the way I am in my second purchase!!

My hair feels so healthy

I love that I get to help my hair be healthy and grow stronger with this hair mask. I have been looking for a great treatment for my hair, and this product really excits me

Rini E.

This is a 10/10 product! I will thank Sudtana forever, for making this awesome oil. The texture is perfect, the smell is heavenly, and the result after washing my hair is so luxurious! For long hair I recommend using it once a week, two pumps half an hour before hopping into the shower. And one pump in the middle of the week, to get your hair smell and feel heavenly.

Happy Customer

I used the product as a mask or as well in the tips of my hair on a daily basis. I love its structure and smell.
It left my hair shiny and nourished.