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What Our Customers Say

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So far so good 👍

Great quality products

I am really satisfied about my experience with Sudtana products for hair care. I used the scalp treatment together with hair oil mask and I saw improvements on my Hair health. As I have a really long hair, 1m right now, my hair was damaged and got tangled really quickly. With the scalp treatment my hair became healthier from the roots and that's really important. Also,I love the mint smell :)

Best hair nourishment

Scalp and root treatment. Really good for keeping my scalp and hair healthy. I’m happy I get to use this as a part of my hair care routine

works wonders for my hair love the natural ingredient smell and leave my scalp and hair strong and healthy

For who has flaky scalp, or wants to boost their growth. After using it 4 times (a month) I noticed new growth on the scalp. The smell is absolutely heavenly, and I strongly recommend to leave in for at least an hour, to a whole night, and shower in the morning.

Happy Customer

The product is wonderfully easy to use. Its smell and structure makes you feel incredible in a second.
After a period of 4 weeks I started to realize that my hair is growing back and becomes stronger
from its roots on.

Super Satisfied customer

it’s my favorite leaves my hair so soft and shiny totally love it. Both these hair products are highly recommended 😍

The only scalp treatment that I need! Gives my scalp the nutrients it needs and even helps with eliminating product-buildup on my scalp, avoiding dandruff.

Highly Satisfied Customer

It’s an amazing hair oil that detoxifies buildup and impurities and managed to nourish my scalp. I love it. It works so good for me. Refreshes my scalp and kills away the eczema. My hair feels healthy and looks shiny. It’s the best oil I’ve tried so far.

Root Revival Oil

This scalp oil is a really great oil for helping stimulate hair follicles, to bring them back to life! It has helped me grow back a little bald spot, in a very short time. You do have to remember to use it daily to get the best results. Amazing product for growth, and not too oily – it feels more like a dry oil, and doesn’t leave greasy roots!

Proven and Tested

It keeps my hair healthy and smooth.

Great for my hair!

This bergamot mint & turmeric revival treatment is a must have! Now it's easier for me to do my own hair DIY hair spa! It saves time and money! Will definitely buy more of this!

Satisfied brand collaborater

I loved the results on my hair.

Will buy again

The Bergamot mint & turmeric Scalp & roots revival treatment helps my baby hair grow fast & thick. My brother loves it too because it adds volume to his hair as a guy.

Little bottle that save my hair!

I’ve such a thin hair and my hair started to fall out a lot last year. So I searched for a product that would help taking care of the problem. So glad I found this little bottle of bergamot, mint & turmeric scalp & roots revival treatment. The name of this product said it all. After a few months of regular use, I notice that my hair become healthier than before. Thank you Sudtana!!!

Strong and Healthy Roots!

Really helps to make my hair roots strong and healthy so they don't fall out easily

Satisfied customer

I recommend Sudtana products because of their organic formula and nice texture. The smell of the products is a little bit stronger for my taste, but overall they are really nice on the hair and scalp

Amazing product!

I so love the scalp serum!My hair growth has been booming since I used it. Bye Bye chemical products hello Sudtana! I apply only a few drops for each section on my scalp. No greasy feeling, and easy to wash out the day after.

Thanks for bringing this product on the market and in my bathroom!

No more bad hair days 💚

I love the scent, it’s refreshing because of the Bergamot aroma and it feels like my hair is safe (the first time I used it) and I did not expect that my colored hair will be healthier and smoother without the help of any hair treatment from a salon. It restored my hair’s healthy appearance. I’m really impressed and I would definitely restock after I finish 1 bottle. Bye bye hair problems. 💁🏻‍♀️

LOVE these products!

I have been religiously using this product as well.After using any of these products, I feel like I am in my own private spa oasis. I would highly recommend any of these products to anyone looking to add tools to their recovery or hair care routines.

I love it!!!!!

I bleach my hair every 2 months and this oil saved my hair, no more falling or breakage.
An I looove the smell

I love it !

I love this hair mask, I apply few drops on the hair scalp and leave overnight and my hair are soft, shiny and less greasy. I also love the smell which remains me my trips to South East Asia.

Best hair treatments

Best hair treatment I have ever tried. I suffered From severe hair fall for a long time and tried many hair treatments but this is the only treatment that worked for my hair. My hair is getting thicker and growing fast. Can’t live without this.

Amazing product

I love it and going to order more

Nothing less than 5 stars

My hair began thinning mid last year, and I've tried products from shampoos to hormones but nothing worked. I decided to give this Thai formula a try - all i can say is thank you bergamot! Within 3 weeks, my hair fall has stopped. I'm now on my second bottle and my hair is thicker than ever with more hair growth as well. I am never going back to chemical products. Thank you Sudtana!