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Beautiful Through Healing

Skin and Haircare that nourish and love the body using natural and organic ingredients

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Our Mission

To guide people towards discovering their beauty.

Because we believe that everyone has their own unique beauty.

One that embraces their own unique traits and is free from society's standards.

We believe that the path to real beauty lies in healing the body, mind, and soul.

This belief has also been held for generations in Traditional Thai Practice.

A tradition which we follow and have used to create all-natural and organic products that unlock beauty through healing.

What Our Customers Think


β€œI've been using for 5 days now and I can feel my hair being more nourished and thicker. I especially love the fact that it combs down my frizzy hair very easily and quickly.”


β€œUsing the 2 products is just amazing, they work so well and I can't miss both of them in my routine. My dull hair is revived after I use these organic products.”


β€œGreat product for the hair, wonderful blend of oils and knowing that it is vegan and cruelty free is the best. Completely natural ingredients make my hair feel soft and nourished.”


β€œI feel like my hair has been given a new lease on life after using Sudtana for the past 6 months!! Hair feels soft, silky and nourished now... Thank you, Sudtana family!”


β€œA real beauty product for my hair. No product had given my hair so much shine. I highly recommend it to those who want visibly healthier hair from the first treatment”

The Sudtana Way

We believe that we're all connected and that it's important to be kind to one another.

And so we've made a commitment to working only with farmholders and growers that practice eco-sustainable and organic farming methods.

We carefully handpick and work closely with each of our farmers to ensure that what you get is a pure, chemical free product that's good for both you and our planet.